St. Joseph’s Seminary welcomes applications of men seeking formation for the Catholic Priesthood. It is necessary that an applicant be sponsored by a diocese, eparchy, or religious community. Graduates of St. Joseph’s Seminary are serving in dioceses across the United States and Canada, and in numerous religious communities.

Admissions requirements and criteria conform to the norms found in the Program of Priestly Formation (5th ed). Applicants, vocation directors, and other interested parties should direct their inquiries to the Dean of Admissions. Applicants should contact the Dean of Admissions as soon as possible, preferably before January 15th of the year they wish to enter.

Requirements for Entrance

The procedure for admission to the Seminary includes a review of academic transcripts and letters of recommendation, personal interviews with the Dean of Admissions and the Rector, psychological and medical examination (anyone with a chronic medical problem will have to have a review of condition before admittance), and a personal interview with members of the Board of Admissions.

An applicant for admission is accepted up to 45 years of age, exceptions to this will be considered. An applicant must have a Bachelor of Arts degree or its equivalent and have completed twenty-seven credits in approved Philosophy courses. These courses should cover the four major periods in Philosophy, i.e., Ancient, Medieval, Modern, and Contemporary Philosophy, as well as five systematic areas, i.e., the Philosophy of Man, Logic, General Ethics, Metaphysics, and the Philosophy of God.

Candidates for admission are required to have taken at least nine credits of undergraduate theology, an overview course in Church History and six credits of Ecclesiastical Latin. In addition, a man must indicate habits of prayer in his life. The admission procedures are consultative to the Archbishop of New York who accepts a person into the Seminary through the Rector.

The Board of Admissions consists of the Rector of Saint Joseph’s Seminary, the Dean of Admissions and the Members of the Resident Priest Advisory Board.

Pillars of Formation

  • Human Formation
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Intellectual Formation
  • Pastoral Formation

Human Formation, which is centered on Jesus Christ, true God and true man, is the necessary foundation of all priestly formation and every priest “should mold his human personality in such a way that it becomes a bridge and not an obstacle for others in their meeting with Jesus Christ the Redeemer of humanity” (Pastores Dabo Vobis, 43).

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The goal of the Spiritual Formation Program is to form future priests to be men who continually work to establish an intimate relationship with God the Father in Jesus Christ His Son through the Holy Spirit.

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The goal of the Intellectual Formation Program is, according to the Seminary’s Mission Statement, to form future priests “who are able to share in the three-fold office of Christ: teaching the Gospel, celebrating the divine mysteries and shepherding God’s people.”

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Pastoral Formation serves as the effective culmination of the entire process of priestly formation. As John Paul II noted in Pastores Dabo Vobis, “the whole formation imparted to candidates for the priesthood aims at preparing them to enter into communion with the charity of Christ the Good Shepherd. Hence, their formation in its different aspects must have a fundamentally pastoral character” (Pastores Dabo Vobis, 57).

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