Academic Calendar

St. Joseph's Seminary & College - Master of Arts Degree Program
Academic Calendar

Spring 2017

January 14                            Saturday                          Classes Begin at Huntington

January 17                           Tuesday                           Classes Begin for All Locations

February 20                         Monday                           President's Day, No Classes

February 27 - March 2        Monday - Thursday         Midterms

April 11                              Tuesday                            Chrism Masses, No Evening Classes

April 13                              Thursday                          Holy Thursday, No Classes

April 17 - 21                       Monday - Friday             Easter Break, No Classes     

 April (Date to be Determined)                                  Comprehensive Exam

May 1 - 5                            Monday - Friday             Final Exams

May 13                               Saturday                          Huntington Saturday Classes End

May 12                               Friday                              Convocation / Graduation


Fall 2016

September 7                    Wednesday                    Fall Semester Begins, Opening Mass of the Holy Spirit

October 10                       Monday                       Columbus Day, Evening Classes are in Session

November 1                     Tuesday                       All Saint's Day, Evening Classes are in Session

November 23 - 27            Wednesday                  Thanksgiving Holiday, No Classes

December 8                      Thursday                     Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Classes are in Session

December 14                    Wednesday                  Last Day of Classes

December 15                    Thursday                      Final Exam Week Begins

December 21                    Wednesday                   Final Exam Week Ends, End of the Fall Semester

Spring 2016

January 14                      Thursday                       Martin Luther King Day, Spring Semester Begins

February 15                     Monday                         President's Day, Evening Classes are in Session

March 17                        Thursday                        St. Patrick's Day, No Classes

March 24, 25, 26            Thur - Sat                       Easter Triduum, No Classes

March 28 - April 2         Mon - Sat                       Easter Week, No Classes

April 4                            Monday                          Classes Resume

April 30                          Saturday                         Last Day of Class

May 2 - May 7               Mon - Sat                       Exam Week

May 20                          Friday                             Convocation (Evening Prayer and Commencement)

Fall 2015

August 31                           Monday                          Fall Semester Begins

September 2                       Wednesday                     Mass of the Holy Spirit and BBQ 5:00 PM

September 7                       Monday                         Labor Day, No Classes

October 12                         Monday                         Columbus Day, Evening Classes are in Session

November 11                    Wednesday                     Veterans Day, Evening Classes are in Session

November 25                    Wednesday                     No Evening Classes

December 4                       Friday                             Lessons & Carols 7:00 PM

December 5                      Saturday                          Lessons & Carols 4:00 PM

December 8                      Tuesday                           Feast of the Immaculate Conception,
                                                                                 Marian Academic Symposium at Huntington

December 12                    Saturday                          Last Day of Class

December 14 - 19            Mon-Sat                          Week of Final Exams



St. Joseph's Seminary – Master's Degree Program
Academic Calendar 2014-2015

Fall 2014

September 3                 Wednesday                 Fall Semester Begins; Mass of the Holy Spirit and BBQ

October 13                   Monday                      Classes in Session

November 11               Tuesday                      Classes in Session

November 15               Saturday                     Comprehensive Exam 10:00AM – 5:00PM

November 26               Wednesday                 NO CLASSES

November 27               Thursday                    Thanksgiving NO CLASSES

Spring Registration TBA

December 5                  Friday                         Lessons & Carols 7:00PM

December 6                  Saturday                     Lessons & Carols 4:00PM

December 15-18          Mon-Thur                  Final Exams


Spring 2015

January 15                   Thursday                     Spring Semester Begins

February 16                 Monday                       Presidents Day CLASSES IN SESSION

February 21                 Saturday                      Comprehensive Exam 10:00AM – 5:00PM

April 2                         Thursday                     Holy Thursday NO CLASSES

April 6-9                      Mon-Thur                   Easter Week NO CLASSES

May 4-7                       Mon-Thur                    Final Exams

May 8                           Friday                         Evening prayer and Commencement

 Summer Registration TBA

 Fall Registration TBA




St. Joseph’s Seminary

Masters Degree Program

Academic Calendar Fall 2013 – Spring 2014


Fall 2013

September 4                 Wednesday                 Mass of the Holy Spirit, 5:00PM, Main

                                                                         Chapel; BBQ; Student Meeting

                                                                         First Day of classes

October 14                   Monday                       Columbus Day

November 11               Monday                       Veterans Day   CLASSES IN SESSION

November 16               Saturday                      Comprehensive Exam 10AM-4:00PM

                                                                         (Applications by September 16, 2013)

Spring Registration                                          TBA

November 27               Wednesday                  NO CLASSES

November 28               Thursday                     Thanksgiving Day NO CLASSES

December 16-19                                               Final Exams

Spring 2014

January 16                   Thursday                      First Day of Classes

February 17                 Monday                        President’s Day CLASSES IN SESSION

February 22                 Saturday                       Comprehensive Exam 10AM-4PM

                                                                          (Applications by December 20, 2013)

March 3                                                            Application for May 2014 Graduation Due

April 17                        Holy Thursday            NO CLASSES

April 21-24                  Easter Week                NO CLASSES

May 5-8                                                           Final Exams

May 9                          Friday                         Graduation Time 7:00 PM

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