Academic Calendar

St. Joseph's Seminary – Master's Degree Program
Academic Calendar 2014-2015

Fall 2014

September 3                 Wednesday                 Fall Semester Begins; Mass of the Holy Spirit and BBQ

October 13                   Monday                      Classes in Session

November 11               Tuesday                      Classes in Session

November 15               Saturday                     Comprehensive Exam 10:00AM – 5:00PM

November 26               Wednesday                 NO CLASSES

November 27               Thursday                    Thanksgiving NO CLASSES

Spring Registration TBA

December 5                  Friday                         Lessons & Carols 7:00PM

December 6                  Saturday                     Lessons & Carols 4:00PM

December 15-18          Mon-Thur                  Final Exams


Spring 2015

January 15                   Thursday                     Spring Semester Begins

February 16                 Monday                       Presidents Day CLASSES IN SESSION

February 21                 Saturday                      Comprehensive Exam 10:00AM – 5:00PM

April 2                         Thursday                     Holy Thursday NO CLASSES

April 6-9                      Mon-Thur                   Easter Week NO CLASSES

May 4-7                       Mon-Thur                    Final Exams

May 8                           Friday                         Evening prayer and Commencement

 Summer Registration TBA

 Fall Registration TBA




St. Joseph’s Seminary

Masters Degree Program

Academic Calendar Fall 2013 – Spring 2014


Fall 2013

September 4                 Wednesday                 Mass of the Holy Spirit, 5:00PM, Main

                                                                         Chapel; BBQ; Student Meeting

                                                                         First Day of classes

October 14                   Monday                       Columbus Day

November 11               Monday                       Veterans Day   CLASSES IN SESSION

November 16               Saturday                      Comprehensive Exam 10AM-4:00PM

                                                                         (Applications by September 16, 2013)

Spring Registration                                          TBA

November 27               Wednesday                  NO CLASSES

November 28               Thursday                     Thanksgiving Day NO CLASSES

December 16-19                                               Final Exams

Spring 2014

January 16                   Thursday                      First Day of Classes

February 17                 Monday                        President’s Day CLASSES IN SESSION

February 22                 Saturday                       Comprehensive Exam 10AM-4PM

                                                                          (Applications by December 20, 2013)

March 3                                                            Application for May 2014 Graduation Due

April 17                        Holy Thursday            NO CLASSES

April 21-24                  Easter Week                NO CLASSES

May 5-8                                                           Final Exams

May 9                          Friday                         Graduation Time 7:00 PM

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